Welcome to a journey of self-discovery about what you want to do in the new era of IT with Lean, Agile and DevOps.
This is the quick start in which you give some thought to yourself. There is another cookbook, Ikigai for Lean, Agile and DevOps, that is an in-depth journey of discovery
Ready to start?
Let's get to know you
By what name should I refer to you?

Hi {{answer_IRUZdMDZP3m9}} Do you have an clear idea of what you want to achieve in the next 2 years?

{{answer_IRUZdMDZP3m9}}, what do you hope to get from a Personal Success Plan

How would you describe your current (or last project) you worked on?

How would you describe where your team is with Lean Agile & DevOps

And yourself, {{answer_IRUZdMDZP3m9}}, how is your Lean, Agile DevOps journey

Before we begin, {{answer_IRUZdMDZP3m9}} a little about your Personal Success Plan (PSP).
It is your guideline to achieve the future you desire.
What you want to achieve
How do you add value
How you grow professionally
How you ensure that you are recognised for the value you add

We help you to both structure your thinking and drive your actions. It is about defining your goals and creating and monitoring a realistic plan

The context of this PSP is your workplace, the work you do and the broader world of the customer/s to whom you are responsible for adding value.
The next set of questions are to remind yourself who you are. It is about the things you enjoy and things that you are averse to. Keeping to the concept of a recipe. If you don't like chocolate then there is no point in reading chocolate recipes
(are there people who don't eat chocolate?)

I have a natural ability to :-

Examples are:-help others, be independent, self-confidence, be positive, be cautious, trust people, strong willed, domineering, get to the point, talk a lot, work with detail, overlook detail
Talents that I have learned and acquired are:-

Examples are:-
Patience, Adaptable, Flexible, Strong Work Ethic, Self-confidence, Fairness, Trust
I would describe my personality as:-

Helpful, Responsible, Independent, Courageous, Patient, Positive, Self-Disciplined, Honest, Kind, Friendly, Forgiving, Compassionate, Tolerant, In-tolerant, Considerate, In-considerate,Loyal, Self Confidence
I value:-

Manners, Health, Helpfulness, Independence, Perseverance, Courage, Patience, Self-Discipline, , Integrity, Determination, Fairness, Trust, Kindness, Friendship, Compassion, Tolerance, Consideration, Loyalty, Respect, Adaptable, Strong Work Ethic, Dependable, Professional, , Commitment, Growth, Learning, Faith, Meaningful Work
Can we get the link to your LinkedIn profile?

Login to LinkedIn.
Click on the "Me" on the top right. Then on profile
It is in the "edit public profile and url"
Well done!
If you have provided us with your details we will send you a Word document of what you have done. Now you can move onto the next recipe
Back to the kitchen
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