Welcome to a journey of self-discovery about what you want to do in the new era of IT with Lean, Agile and DevOps
The video could do the mindfulness exercise and then chat about Ikigai
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Let's get to know you
By what name should I refer to you?

Hi {{answer_FDIuZAQoufYo}} Do you have an clear idea of what you want to achieve in the next 2 years?

{{answer_FDIuZAQoufYo}}, what do you hope to get from a Personal Success Plan

How would you describe your current (or last project) you worked on?

How would you describe where your team is with Lean Agile & DevOps

And yourself, {{answer_FDIuZAQoufYo}}, how is your Lean, Agile DevOps journey

Before we begin, {{answer_FDIuZAQoufYo}} a little about your Personal Success Plan (PSP).
It is your guideline to achieve the future you desire.
What you want to achieve
How do you add value
How you grow professionally
How you ensure that you are recognised for the value you add

We help you to both structure your thinking and drive your actions. It is about defining your goals and creating and monitoring a realistic plan

The context of this PSP is your workplace, the work you do and the broader world of the customer/s to whom you are responsible for adding value.
How do you go about developing your PSP? ·         Be honest with yourself ·         Make it truly personal ·         Align your PSP to both the context of your workplace and to your personal values and desires ·         Set specific, realistic measurable time driven goals and actions.

Remember with a recipe -you “bake the cake”. Here are a few tips: ·         “Buddy Up” - for support and development – choose your gurus, mentors and partners ·         Stay focussed on results ·         Be a smart and efficient knowledge sponge ·         Take positive action and stick to your plan when you experience fear, uncertainty, indecision and doubt.
This is to remind you who you are. It is about the things you enjoy and things that you are averse to. Keeping to the concept of a recipe. If you don't like chocolate cake
then there is no point in reading chocolate recipes

(are there people who don't eat chocolate?)
First part is to discover how you approach other people

Remember be honest with yourself. It is about who you are, not about how you think others expect you to behave
In joining a new team. On the first day I would:-

Someone in the team is messing up the team dynamics. I would:-

I find myself worrying about how other people feel about me and my work.

I keep to myself to the point of been seen as aloof.

I am warm; caring; affectionate; tender

All 5 hearts would be living "sharing is caring".
1 heart is for someone more reserved

Do managers have a place in the new world of software delivery?

The question is about how you interact with authority (submission levels). I have put the Agile spin of self managing teams
I will take my time to explain things again and again.

I forward jokes onto everyone I know.

Think about how you react to situations at work.

Understanding how you react to situations and people helps you find your Ikigai - "a reason to get up in the morning"
Someone in your team has stabbed you in the back. What do you do?

1. Withdraw, feeling hurt
5. I'm sharpening the knife to return it

Do you worry about getting things absolutely right?

A colleague is telling the stand up that they  had flat tire (something negative). Do you?

A question on manner - Empathetic Compassionate Sympathetic Considerate Inconsiderate Disdainful Vicious
How do you go about your daily work life

There are repeated changes to your place of work. How does that affect your work?

Describe your desk

Do you have a To Do list?

Quick note - the question is whether you have one, not if you use one
Would you describe yourself as

I have parties in my head about the meaning of tingo

Select those that describe your problems solving approach

In every day choices. I ....

For the big decisions in my life

When it comes to trusting people

Do you do self-reflection

Are you a proud person

At work, when I have a problem to solve I phone a friend

This set of questions explores what you love, what are your interests. What are the things that make a "good day in the office"

Note that in these set of questions you can select as many of the descriptions as you feel apply to you
What drives you?
Nulla quis lorem ut libero malesuada feugiat.
Note - I think we need a different question

What do you want your work to be

Your boss says you have done something really well. How do you feel

How ambitious are you in your work life?

Remember the "right" answer is the honest answer to yourself. Not what you think people should think about you.
1 means you play a supportive role
5 means you are focussed on a leadership role

How important is your work life to you?

How excited are you about your work?

How do you view yourself at work?

The world of IT delivery has changed and continues to change. This set of questions is for you to understand how you will approach this change.

Select from this list to find your natural approach to change and the new

How do you approach your work?

Select from these characteristics those that describe you and your approach

Select from this list your characteristics

Speaking abilities in meetings

More precisely the world of IT is changing by using Lean Agile and DevOps. This set of questions explores some of the skills around Lean, Agile and DevOps

Staying true to IT and demonstrating that we grew up in the world of IT, I will use an abbreviation for Lean Agile and DevOps - LA&D
How do you rate your Lean Agile & DevOps skills

Business focus - select those that apply to you

I want to rework this question. For this SMURF it is about figuring out how it fits into the Ikigai. I have brought in the idea of understanding the customer focus in Agile terms.

How do you interact with new customers

If you select A or B, select those that apply to you, if you had to interact with customers

Your approach to regular one-on-one meetings

Original question was how do you behave in regular client meetings. Need to think about how this translates into the Ikigai

My approach to regular admin that is part of my work

The key theme in LA&D is the them of Change. What in the list below resonates with how you feel about change (transformation)

A reminder to be honest with yourself - especially as the pressure is on for everyone to be adaptable, show support and be the leader's of change.
LA&D is about self-organised teams. Think carefully about your natural approach to working as a team to deliver software.

I view myself as

When I lead a team, people say I

How do you feel about your future work life

Fear level

not sure if this should be a scale
Select all those that apply to the current and future work situation

The heading is disappointment levels

I feel :-

Your boss says she can see you're struggling with stress. How does that make you feel?

You are nearly done - and the questions are around energy levels

Energy put into managing sudden changes

Impulse Control

Energy spent on organising personal space

Energy spent on verbal communication

Energy spent on getting a change/fighting for your rights

Energy spent on dealing with conflict

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